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Products/Services in River Ridge

Total Postal Solutions in River Ridge also offers a wide variety of products and services in our store.

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Packaging and Shipping

We make it easy and convenient to ship virtually any item any way you want to, all in one store. We will pack your items and then proceed to explain your shipping options, including pricing, shipping times, and policies for three shipping companies: FEDEX, UPS, and USPS (Post Office). This enables you to make an informed decision about your shipping needs. Or you may bring us your packages already packed.

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Office Supplies

We also have select office supplies, including notebooks, printer paper, pens, highlighters, staplers, paper clips, post-it notes, and more.

Computer Rental

Total Postal Solutions offers a public computer for our customer's convenience in checking emails, printing reports, and resumes. The computer has the capability to save to flash drives or DVDs.

Personal/Private Mailboxes

The safety and security of our private mail boxes are unbeatable. As are the many advantages: text notification of packages, 24 hour access, mail forwarding (when travelling), receipt of FEDEX and UPS packages to name a few. Ask about our new digital mail boxes.

Greeting Cards

A wide variety of both humorous and sentimental greeting cards are available. Our birthday, anniversary, graduation and sympathy cards assist in marking life's milestones.


Scanning is the perfect way to store old tax returns, photos, legal documents, and research in a digital format. Then you can safely dispose of those sensitive documents without worry.

Binding & Laminating

We offer binding to assist you in creating booklets and presentations. Lamination helps in the preservation of frequently used items such as cards, menus, and permits. From one piece to a thousand we are happy to offer quick turnaround times.


We are happy to send and/or receive faxes for you. This is a useful service for loan applications, resumes, or any other purpose which paperwork must be sent or received rapidly.


We offer secure destruction of all types of sensitive documents and those containing private data. Everything from old business documents to medical records can be safely destroyed. A member of our staff watches the destruction of your documents.

Packing Supplies

We offer boxes in a wide range of sizes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, vinyl shipping bags, shipping tubes, tape, etc. We have specialized materials for shipping perishable products like seafood, and king cakes etc.